I Want to See a Psychiatrist Without Leaving Home. Can You Help?

Nov 02, 2023
I Want to See a Psychiatrist Without Leaving Home. Can You Help?
You might think house calls are a thing of the past — but you're wrong! Mobile psychiatry and counseling help people get the care and support they need in the comfort of their own homes. Here’s how it works.

Millions of Americans experience mental illness. Fortunately, there are more effective treatments for mental illnesses than ever before, which means finding a therapy that works for your needs is more accessible.

However, regular visits to a psychiatrist’s office are problematic for many people. Finding the time to make those frequent trips can be challenging, especially if your provider isn’t local. For others, leaving home can trigger anxiety that can interfere with getting treatment.

At The Marcann Group, our team understands the importance of having options not only for the type of treatment you receive but also for how it’s delivered. That’s why we offer mobile psychiatry and counseling services in addition to our offices in Glendale and Phoenix, Arizona.

Mobile therapy: The basics

Some psychiatry practices offer telehealth visits, connecting via a phone or computer for visits. While that may be a good fit for some individuals, many people with mental health challenges prefer the personal approach afforded by a one-on-one, in-person visit.

Our team offers mobile therapy — a modern-day house call focused on providing personalized mental health care and support in the comfort of your home. In-home visits provide many benefits, including the ones listed below.

Greater convenience

One of the most significant barriers to a medical office visit is the time required for an on-site appointment. Not only do you need to spend time traveling to your visit, but you also must hang out in a waiting area until you’re called back. If you have kids or other people who depend on you, you must also make arrangements for those individuals.

Our mobile program alleviates these inconveniences. That means there’s no travel time and no waiting room. And, because we offer flexible scheduling, you don’t need to skip work or school.

Relaxed environment

Home is a safe haven, a sanctuary where they feel relaxed. That’s especially true for people with anxiety disorders and depression, where leaving home for a medical visit can trigger symptoms, increasing the temptation to skip care altogether.

Home visits enable you to receive therapy where you’re most comfortable and relaxed. Often, that means therapy can be more effective, and it can also be easier to honestly share your feelings and experiences in a familiar place where you feel secure.

Individualized care

Having care in your home enables us to tailor every aspect of therapy to your unique needs. Visiting you at home gives our team important insights into your life. It allows us to provide empathetic care and helps us adjust therapy and suggest treatments and techniques based on your needs and goals.

Improved trust and connection

Having care in your home supports a deeper connection with your provider. That connection is essential in helping you participate in your therapy. Developing that trusting and genuine connection with your provider also supports greater sharing and openness, resulting in a more successful therapy experience.

Greater empowerment

Receiving health care in your home puts you in control of your health care and wellness. When health care is more accessible, you feel more confident about your care and less anxious about seeking treatment. While a clinical office setting can trigger feelings of “being different” or “unwell,” having care in your home normalizes it. It helps you see it as part of a holistic approach to staying healthy.

Care when — and where — you need it

Mobile psychiatry and counseling means you can get the care you need in a comfortable and nurturing environment without traveling to an outside office for treatment. To learn more about our mobile program and how it can help you enjoy better health and wellness, book an appointment online or over the phone with the team at The Marcann Group today.