Welcome To The Marcann Group

Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology & Mind Body Wellness located in Phoenix, Glendale and Sun City West, AZ

Welcome To The Marcann Group

The Marcann Group provides the highest quality mental health services to adults in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona. We utilize psychotherapy, medications, and alternative therapies to improve overall mental health and function in people with mental disorders.

The team offers solutions for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and schizophrenia. They work closely with individuals to determine which treatment options are a good fit. 

In addition to psychotherapy and medications, the providers use advanced treatments, like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The Marcann Group team also provides comprehensive outpatient care and resources for those struggling with addiction to substances or risky behaviors. They use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to help people make positive changes in their lives and find long-term success in recovery.

The providers take a compassionate approach to care and realize how difficult it can be to cope with the impact mental health disorders have on a person’s life. They work closely with each person to understand what’s affecting their mental and emotional wellness, so they can create a treatment plan using the latest integrative and holistic solutions.

Office hours are available Monday through Saturday, and the team can meet with people virtually through an online video conferencing platform. 

To schedule a consultation for mental health services, call The Marcann Group office nearest to you today or book an appointment online.