Crisis Teams

Crisis Teams available in the Maricopa county area

Crisis teams are available 24/7 throughout the Maricopa county. You may contact one of the following Crisis teams or call 911. Crisis teams are a mobile service for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis.

Terros Health

Telephone: 602.222.9444

Our team supports adults, children, and families experiencing a mental health emergency.

We work with people to address situations such as:

  • Self-Harm
  • Traumatic Experiences
  • Recent Loss
  • Potential Harm to Others
  • Suicidal Thoughts
  • Increased Depression and Anxiety

Terros Health Mobile Crisis provides assessment, intervention, and connection to ongoing care resources. All services are available to everyone at no cost. Our goal is to continue to promote safe and strong communities.


Telephone: 1.800.631.1314

CBI’s Crisis Mobile Teams are trained in verbal de-escalation, the involuntary evaluation process, and critical stress incident debriefings. CBI’s Crisis Mobile Teams also work together with our community stakeholders to maintain the safety of the patient and the community. We do this by connecting the person in crisis to the appropriate treatment setting and level of care. There are times when an individual constitutes a danger to themselves, danger to others, or is otherwise unable to care for themselves because of mental illness. In some cases, Arizona law allows for that person to be assessed to determine if they are a candidate for a mental health evaluation and treatment against their will. CBI may be able to help.

La Frontera Arizona

Telephone: 855.785.1500

La Frontera / EMPACT-SPC’s 24-hour Crisis Hotlines are available to callers who are feeling suicidal, find themselves in a crisis, have been a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence, and/or need a referral for services. Face-to-face services are provided by a Mobile Crisis Intervention Team if immediate assistance is deemed necessary. Hotline services are available to all ages and populations within and outside of Arizona. 24-Hour Mobile Crisis Team assessment, intervention, support, and referral services are available at home or in the community. Services are available to all populations and ages within Maricopa County. Post-crisis services may be provided by Crisis Transition Navigators who provide support and assist with mapping out, enrolling in, and accessing additional needed community resources and follow-up services.